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Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is a  used to improve the design and creation of dental restorations. 

Benefits of having CAD/CAM include :

  • abililty to personal and customized teeth works; 

  • less messy and more streamlined without need on use of conventional moulds and alignates, therefore increased comfort

  • higher predictability as restorations and appliances are made based on digital design

The digital technologies for CAD/CAM enables greater patient safety, reduced errors and increased security.

Τα Βήματα τοποθέτησης οδοντικών εμφυτευμάτων
Θεραπεία υπό μέθη / γενική αναισθησία
Εμφυτεύματα ή γέφυρα;
Επιλογές θεραπείας με οδοντικά εμφυτεύματα
Οδοντικά εμφυτεύματα
All-on-4® Dental Implants
Η Πιεζοχειρουργική 
Οδοντικά εμφυτεύματα σε μία μέρα
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